Thursday, June 4, 2009

Frost!?! Among Other Things

We awoke this morning to frost!! I can hardly believe it! To top off the longest winter that I can remember, we are now having the coldest spring I can remember. Warmer days are coming soon I hope!!

Regardless, the cool spring doesn't seem to be affecting us too negatively. I've spent a lot of time in long sleeves and fleece working like crazy in the basement. (It would be good if I could say working on the basement, but alas, that hasn't been happening and likely won't until late fall). The kids too, join me on various projects in the basement or brave the cool spring weather and play outside. Yesterday they were playing baseball and I joined in for awhile. It's not too bad out if you keep moving. I guess that's why they typically seem to shed their outerwear for shirtsleeves.

I have one skirt completed for Bella to take to Costa Rica. (See post below) and hope to do at least one or two more before I have to send them away.

I also though you might like to meet Myrtle the Turtle. She is the result of a sudden urge to sew awhile back. She is a she because according to Beans (when she was about three), if a stuffed animal has eyelashes, it is a girl. Myrtle was a quick and easy little project. It was another one from one of my favorite sewing books. Bend the Rules sewing by Amy Karol.


  1. Very cute skirt!

    The turtle reminds me of a stuffed dog Pete had as a little boy, made by his sister.

  2. This skirt is cute and looks like it will be comformatble and modest for travel.
    PS... love the turtle!

  3. Very cute turtle! And pretty skirt! When I'm done here, I'm off to sew- if the girls keep sleeping!

  4. Oh, geez. I have got to get my skirts made - or at least one.

  5. Myrtle is adorable. I have been saying for months that I need to make Z a stuffed friend. I like your simple colorful skirt. Nice job.

  6. Oh, whoever gets that skirt is going to be so thrilled! It's ruffled and everything!


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