Monday, June 15, 2009

From Riding Mower to Cat Tractor

Bub's first word as a baby was "tracker" (tractor). From the time he was tall enough -- which was before he was a year old, he would pull himself up to look through the front picture windows to watch the trackers go by. He loved tractors. He still does, so it was no surprise that we caught him sitting in the Cat tractor (hard hat and all) that was used to retile our previously incorrectly tiled back wall. I think the thing he liked most though was the horn.

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  1. My little guy would be beside himself to sit in a tractor like that. :o) He has great fun watching them go by on our road. There is a ton of road construction, both on local roads and the interstate here, and all we hear as we drive by is "my twactor!" "my twactor!" "my twactor!". LOL


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