Sunday, June 14, 2009

Biking Before Church

Even though we have church at 9:30 am and have to leave by 9:00 to be on time, we often find ourselves ready before the appointed time. Today, a couple of the children (and Daddy) took advantage of a surprisingly warm morning to go biking (and scootering) before church...

Thankfully neither of the girls ruined their dresses. A very warm thank you to friends of ours who have kindly given us two bikes that their children have outgrown! Peach and Beans are very pleased with their new (to them) bicycles and we truly appreciate your generosity!

And where were Bub and Peach??

Playing with their camera in the van!

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  1. How funny! (And she didn't even worry about messing up her hair by wearing her helmet. ~grin~)

    I wish we had time to spare on Sunday mornings. We are always rolling in a minute or so late. *sigh*


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