Friday, May 1, 2009

The View Out of the Van Windows

I took many photos while in Toronto and Hamilton last week. Our main computer arrived home Monday night, so I uploaded all the photos, but didn't have time to go through them until this morning. Almost all of them were taken through the windows of the van. I got lots of practice in being fast with getting a shot :0).

I like Toronto for it's ethnic and cultural diversity. We ate Mediterrean one day, Greek another, and Indian another. It was so delicious! We saw so many different people, each one created by God. It was awesome to see so many ethnicities walking side by side.

Traffic continues to be a marvel to us. Where do all the vehicles come from?!? How do people ever get to work on time? The apartment buildings are incredible. Usually the fancy ones are office buildings and the tall drab brown brick ones are for tenants. I think I would possibly go crazy if I had to live in one of those tall drab brown buildings. Most of them don't even have a balcony.

The view from our hotel room. Sunrise over downtown Toronto.

Of course with all the traffic, it is inevitable that you will see emergency vehicles. This accident was on one of the collectors heading into the downtown.

I love how everything reflects in these buildings. I had to get a photo of the Sony building. After all they were kind enough to make their cameras with an A mount so we could still use our Minolta lenses from our SLR film camera.

The Burlington Bridge on the way into Hamilton for a photographers' social evening.

Lake Ontario with a storm brewing in the distance.

This evening we head back to Toronto for the final half of our PRIDE training. We do have some free time Sunday morning, so maybe I can get a few pictures that aren't through the van windows. I'm sure there will be lots to see!

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  1. Ah yes, Toronto traffic can be quite surprising when you're not used to it!


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