Monday, May 4, 2009

PRIDE Training Part II

Truth be told, the Engineer and I left this session exhausted, overwhelmed, and frightened. I don't think we fully understood the tough job of parenting that we are going to be faced with when our Little One arrives. We are both thankful that from the start we know that God has called us to this step in our lives. This also means that God already knows our Little One and when and how he/she will arrive in our family. We have the firm belief that each one of these steps is in His hands.

I really appreciated learning about and understanding open adoption. Even though we are not going the route of open adoption, it was a very positive experience to understand how it works, and how non-threatening it really is.

The biggest concept that I came home with was understanding that for the adopted child, their life is a puzzle that will always have some pieces missing and it is our job as their parents to help them put as many of the pieces together with our child as we can find that fit.Tough stuff!

Now we have to write up our reports on what we have learned for our social worker as well as our course trainers. More paperwork :o)!

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