Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Ramblings

Yikes! We had frost this morning! It wasn't just a light dusting on the roof either. No. It was a thick layer on the roof and covering the lawn. It seems funny to think that this weekend it the weekend to begin planting annuals and putting in a garden.

I'm really waffling on putting in a vegetable garden this year. The past couple of years, the work has far outweighed the pleasure of fresh vegetables from my own patch. However, before I throw out the idea totally, I am going to do some research on square foot gardening. A friend of mine has done it before, and she says it works really well. Weeds are virtually a non-issue. Now that's what I like to hear!

Despite the frost this morning, I have finally begun the switchover from winter clothes to summer clothes. It's been such a cool spring this year that I am still having a hard time letting the kids run around in t-shirts and shorts or skirts on the warmer days. I just keep reminding myself that they're old enough now to know whether they're cold or not. I guess it's time to put the flannel sheets away too.

I'm hoping to get a few things put away and tidied up in our messy, but much drier basement. Of course any repairs that need to be done are external, and are therefore not covered by insurance. Just when the grass was starting to thicken up a wee bit, it will have to be torn up by a backhoe again. I get really afraid sometimes of where we will get the money to pay for this mess again. There are always so many unplanned expenses that come with owning a home.

Our apple trees are blossoming, but they don't seem to be as full as other years. I am excitely awaiting the arrival of the Baltimore orioles, the ruby-throated hummingbirds, and the barn swallows. All such beautiful little flying things!

I'm thinking of combining my homeschool blog with this blog. So much of our daily life is learning, that it's hard to decide many times what to post where. If I combine them, then I won't have to decide what to post where.

** My hubby had a hummingbird stop by while he was barbequeing this evening. He said it just hovered right beside him.


  1. I wish you could send some cooler air our way - and rain! We had to break down and turn on the a/c last night. I was willing to tough it out a bit longer, but a neighbor's barking dog was keeping us up all night.

  2. I wish I could send some cooler air and rain your way too. As I type it is raining again here, and last I read, we're supposed to get another thunderstorm.

    Thankfully barking dogs around here are usually distant enough that we don't notice them. I hope you all sleep better tonight!

  3. Oh this if funny... kind of.

    Monday night was really cold here too - and we're far enough away that our weather patterns are different. I woke up to snow in the hills around our house! (Snow level below 2000').

    About combining the blogs... that's the funny part. Once in awhile I wonder if I should separate mine, but always come to the conclusion that it would be too complicated for me! But do what works for you ;0)


  4. Definitely check out Square Foot Gardening! I think you'll get a fresh dose of enthusiasm for a vegetable garden if you do!

  5. It's been a slow spring for us, too.

    My kids are made of a hardier stock than I am. They run outside barefoot midwinter, so t-shirts and shorts in early spring is nothing to me. Doesn't seem to harm them at all. ;)


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