Saturday, May 16, 2009

Passing Down the Rider

The day has come *drumroll* ...

Because he's finally heavy enough *drumroll*...

And responsible enough *drumroll*... (we think?!?!)

To pass my two hours of peace *booo*...

On to my firstborn *cymbal crash*.

Observe the look of glee on his face! Or is it terror??

When he first started driving my lawn tractor, I was almost doubled over in laughter while at the same time fearing for the life of my flowers. I can run, but my flowers -- the poor things -- can't. Meanwhile, his sisters watched in abject terror :0). After a few sweeps up and down the lawn, he was actually already looking like a pro. I was feeling confident my flowers would indeed survive the new driver, so I did some digging (while keeping a close eye on the roaring orange machine), and his sisters lost interest all together and began sweeping the laneway like they were supposed to. For now I will only be letting him do the front lawn -- and only after I have done around the flower beds and trees, so I still have an hour and a half left of peace anyway...

Oh, and it's still my lawn tractor. Afterall, it was an anniversary present a few years ago. Romantic eh?


  1. Now that is an awesome milestone!

    My oldest (nearly 13) likes to use the push-mower, but he's not big enough (literally not BIG enough) to push it uphill, so he only mows downhill.

    Hurray for your new "lawn mower" :0)


  2. :o)

    I was recently thinking about when I used to mow the lawn as a kid. I don't remember how old I was when I started, but there was nothing I could run over to destroy. I know my ds1 would love to use *my* mower all by himself, but I don't think he's old enough plus I fear for the garden fencing (goodness knows *I've* run into it enough!). I'm like you - I enjoy mowing the yard way too much. Sometimes it's the only peace I get.


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