Monday, May 11, 2009


What are lychees? They're an odd little fruit! They're lightly sweet with an essence of rosewater. At least that's how I would describe them. After all the children tried them, they had lots of questions about where they were from, what they grew on, and how they would look on the plant.

So a quick trip to the computer answered our questions. Thank you Wikipedia! They come from Asian countries such as China, India, and Madagascar. They grow on evergreen trees -- the kind with big glossy green leaves. The fruit grows in clumps. These clumps are called drupes. Best of all, the fruit is eaten in many different dishes. Yum! A search will have to be made of next!


  1. We considered buying a tree from a nearby nursery a few years ago, but decided against since they had treated everything they sold with diazinon (sp?) and some other heavy-duty chemicals that we didn't care for. One of the lipsticks I purchased from 100% Pure is lychee. :o)

  2. I grew up eating and loving these at my friend's home--she moved here from Asia as a child. They were canned like peaches, and I only knew the name their family used.(Can't remmeber now.) It's not until about three years ago that I finally realized those brown things in the produce section were the same thing!

    Maybe you can make lychee pie or something?

  3. I'm guessing you don't eat the poky-looking outside?

    Interesting! I've heard of them but never seen them.



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