Monday, March 23, 2009

Backyard Baseball

Peach was indoors finishing up her math today while her siblings played a rousing game of baseball. Bub is at an age/stage where often his primary concern is himself, so it warms my heart to see him playing with his sisters and even humouring their not-so-great baseball skills.

Somehow Squirt managed to hit one of his pitches, and instead of him instantly picking up the ball that only sailed about eight feet, he pretended to fumble it and then run in slow motion so that he couldn't catch her as she ran their invisible bases. All the while, she was giggling hysterically while Beans cheered her on.

I was impressed to see that the game even ended peaceably even though Bub (of course) won! They got some sunshine, fresh air, and exercise, and they managed to even stay out of my fresh laundry that was already dry!

Now I should go fold all that clean scented laundry or it will sit in the baskets until the weekend at least!

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