Thursday, February 19, 2009

On Babies of the Family and Timers

There are days when I think that if my last born was born first, she would be an only child. Honestly, she is enough to drive me over the edge some most days. (Just being honest here)!

We are getting very close to enrolling her in school for a year. She cannot/will not grasp that one must spend some time each day sitting on their derriere and physically putting a pencil to a piece of paper in order to learn.

I can have her sitting right next to me and still, with each step of the way be continually be pointing at her work. It is in these moments that I don't display the kind patient mommy that I would like to be. I would much rather go tweeze my eyebrows than sit there attempting patience and joy while contiually prodding my whining daughter to just get the work done already!

Welcome Dollar Store timer and loss of priveleges. This is only day one, mind you, but my dear child was done in a shockly quick amount of time today. Good thing she loves her Littlest Pet Shop figures dearly.

Well, off to practice piano now! Sorry for the head spinning rant :o)!


  1. Love it! Great idea :0)

    She can be mad at the timer instead of mad at you.


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