Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting Back into Routine

Not surprisingly, some of the children are having a little difficulty getting back into routine. The two youngest seem to be spending a great deal of time staring at the ceiling (or floor joists in this case) and humming or whistling to themselves.

Bub and Peach on the other hand, are surprisingly focused. They both managed to get their work done shortly after lunch yeaterday. In fact I think Peach was done before lunch. She even did extra math! I guess she doesn't want to repeat her mistake of a week or so ago.

I had vowed I would stay off the computer during the school hour, but when they are all quietly working and I am ahead in the marking and lesson planning, it is hard not to resist -- especially when I am only about three feet away from it and the little girls, so here I am on the computer during school hours.

Squirt is loving her new science curriculum.

This her yesterday working on an experiment . Some of the lessons are very tactile. This is Jello on fingerpaint paper. She got to wet it with a squirt bottle. Then she was to use her senses to describe what she could see, feel, smell, etc. Then when she was done, she got to lick her fingers. Yum!!

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  1. I just discovered this blog a few days ago! I didn't realize you had a home school one as well... isn't it a wonderful way to keep track of what you and the children are doing?! I have not had much to say on mine 'cause we are having a VERY hard time getting back into things here. I love the break but it sure messes up a nice routine! : )


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