Sunday, January 11, 2009

1000 Gifts #'s 1-6

I joined the Gratitude Community about a month ago, but had not received confirmation. Actually, I still haven't received it, but I'm forging ahead anyway. Winter can be very long and dull here. (Especially when the first snow storm arrives in the middle of November). I have a hard time getting through it sometimes. The Gratitude Community is a marvelous way for me to find joy in the everyday things.

So here are some of my gratitudes for this week:

1. We managed to get through our first week back to school without any major hurdles.
2. A beautiful sunny day for visiting the creek.
3. Awakening to fresh snow several mornings.
4. Children and a dog who let us sleep in until 8:30 on Saturday!!
5. Tasty and healthy whole foods. No more junk food!
6. Lots of fellowship with church family.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I joined this awhile back and it is amazing how, when you dwell on things to be thankful for your whole attitude changes. Thank you for this reminder. I am going to try to put up another gratitude post this week. I know this will help for the long winter months. :o)

    I am thankful for His Word... I know that sounds typical but it has really, really helped me this week to just meditate upon it. I am reading the book of James right now, and it has been so good for me.

  2. The book of Jame is amazing. So much wisdom and food for thought! I am attempting to memorize portions of it. However, I am not a good memorizer:( so I'll see how much I learn.

  3. I actually memorized it back in high school but have forgotten many parts of it. Short term memory, you know, just to pass the grade!

    I have another award for you! Come on by. :o)


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