Monday, December 29, 2008

Yay! We Have Power Again!

It was a blustery weekend, but for some reason the power here went out after the high winds were gone. We suspect that Hydro switched the lines over for those who had already been without power for most of the day to give them a break (and warm them up again), and then ran into further problems.

The two older girls and I were happily watching The Sound of Music when, blip, blip, bam, we were sitting in the dark. I laughed because as a child I never saw the ending of that movie. The station always went fuzzy, or I had to go to bed. Oh well, we have it on video at our church, so they can watch it another time.

We had no hydro for almost fifteen hours, but thankfully most of that time was through the night. This morning we had to go buy a birthday gift for Peach's friend, so we left the house pretty early. It was down to 17C -- and being cold makes me really grouchy. We hung out at my parent's until we dropped Peach off at her friend's party. Then we headed home hoping that the power was back on. It was -- for only forty minutes so far, but the temperature was rising again.

To put some perspective to the fact that it was 17C, we had record high temps on Saturday at 14C. So 17C is cold when you're inside, but 14C is really warm when you're outside. That being made clear as mud, here is what remains of our snow...

Yep! That's all there is. Small patches here and there. It's a Winter Wonderland no more.

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  1. Hmmm... (doing the math in my head)... our snow looks about the same, thanks to three days of rain, but it's still cold here... about 35F (2 or 3C?).

    Thankfully the boys are fully occupied with new toys/activities in the house :0)

    Hope your power stays on!



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