Monday, December 29, 2008

I've Actually Been Sewing

It has been so nice to have some quiet time between the festivities. We have spent lots of time together with just the six of us, making puzzles, reading, watching the occasional movie, and playing on the computer or Wii. Generally just being together.

In the meantime, some of this togetherness has enabled me to sew, as my machine is in the same room with all the activity. These days that room is generally not the kitchen.

I have a box of projects that were started, but unfinished. That is where I began this week. I now have a few of those projects completed and am beginning working on the never ending mending. Do you think I can make tights that are horribly worn in the feet into leggings? I am currently experimenting with that. So far, not quite what I had in mind. They're getting a little flaring right at the cuff.

Anyways, here are the completed projects thus far:

I was about halfway through this pile of napkins and finished them up this week. Yes there are only three gingham ones and eight chilipepper ones. Both are made from material I found at a second hand store, so what I get is what I get. Hopefully I'll be able to find some more red gingham again soon.

A rubblework scarf. Rotary cutters and I don't get along too well yet. I cannot master cutting straight at all, but it doesn't show up too much on this scarf! If you do a search on Sew Mama Sew! You should be able to find the link to this project. I did mine out of my head, but there is an actual pattern for it.

Summery blouses for Beans and Peach. I love the trim on them!! It is actually very old. As a child I had an outfit made with the very same trim.


  1. merry Christmas and happy new year!!

    that sewing looks so delightful!! well done!


  2. Oooo, sewing fun! I love the bright red napkins, and the girls' blouses are adorable... I just love polka dots :0) I'm intrigued by the scarf, too.

    I'm still digging out my office...



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