Friday, December 19, 2008

Still Smilin'

People around here have been in a tizzy about the weather for the past 24hrs or so. Personally, I think it's no big deal. After all it's winter! The big problem is travel. We are planning to head north tomorrow, for the Engineer's family Christmas. We have driven in most weather, but if the roads are closed, then we simply cannot go.

The news folk are hyping this as Snowmaggedon. Whatever? Okay, so the wind and snow took our mailbox off its roost -- or maybe it was the snowplow, but I don't think it has been by yet. It isn't like we've never seen a storm like this before. Of course, living where we live we usually miss the worst of it anyways. I can only imagine what it is like where the Engineer's parents live.

Regardless, Mrs. Cow just keeps serenely smilin' through it all. (Although I don't doubt that she'll be smilin' under it in a couple hours).


  1. I am so terribly spoiled by living in FL for over 11 years now. It's in the low 80's here today, but another cold front will be arriving Sunday night and our high Monday is forecasted to be 61. To me, that is freezing! I saw someone mention on a forum I visit that it is -14 at her house ... I just cannot imagine. The snow is so lovely though.

  2. It's crazy cold here. I don't mind snow and even wind but the cold is creeping in to our home all over, keeping us near the fireplace all day. Makes for cozy times, though! : ) Hope you can make it to family for Christmas and have a Merry one!


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