Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Cards

I am not a big fan of writing Christmas cards. Every year when I am writing them under a time crunch, I vow I will do them earlier, and every year it happens all over again. It's no wonder I don't really enjoy it.

Making them on the other hand, is highly enjoyable. As long as I don't have to come up with the ideas. That's why I love going to classes. It's a night out for me, which I really need every so often, I love that at the same time I get to be creative. I can only handle so much of the just sitting and chatting.

So here are a bunch five of my fav's:


  1. Oh those are gorgeous! My Christmas cards have a tendency to turn into "January updates".


    How do you do that thing where you strike through some of the words in the text above?

  2. These are gorgeous! Thanks so much for showing... I was hoping you would! : ) My very favorites are for sure the top two, they're so simple and elegant!

  3. OOH! You have some excellent stamp sets! I really like the last one! What did you put over top of the white stamped paper to get it to look like that?

  4. Katrina, the first two are my very favorites too!

    Brittany, most of these stamp sets are borrowed. I only wish I had that many sets :o). That's why I like going to classes. I have lots of stamp choices.

    I used vellum paper over the stamped paper to give it that hazy look.


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