Monday, December 22, 2008

A Skating Party

Until we started homeschooling none of our children knew how to skate -- and likely would never have learned. In our first year, I kept very much to myself. I wanted to do things my way and did not want to feel threatened by every other well meaning homeschooling mom who had advice for me. I didn't even join the homeschooling group. The second year I did, and we now have wonderful friends that we get together with, when our busy lives allow.

Upon joining the homeschool group, I discovered all the wonderful things we missed out on in our first year. We needed that down time our first year, but I was amazed at all the activities you can get overinvolved involved in. Power skating was a wonderful opportunity for our children to learn to skate and we could use it as our PE class as well.

This year, I pulled back from a lot of the activities simply because I was feeling a big case of burn out coming on. So, we didn't do power skating this year, but we were still invited to the Christmas party. It was good to see everyone again. The kids immediately found all their friends and I was lazy and didn't even bother to put on my skates. They all know how to skate now, so there was no need. Later I did skate, but wow am I out of shape!!

After a few rounds on the ice, hot chocolate and Christmas baking were enjoyed by all!


  1. I haven't joined a home school group yet for the same reasons... I just don't want the pressure and have decided to "lay low" but this looks like so much fun! So maybe I should give it a chance sometime... we'll see.

    We went skating this weekend, too. Jayden just learned how to skate this winter and loves it! Marcus? Well, he needs a bit more coaxing! : )

    Maybe I'll post the pictures I took sometime. Probably on my home school blog...

  2. I wish we had such a homeschool group here! There is one, but they are of a different faith (one that we do not desire). They are very active though and it saddens me that the other homeschoolers around here don't desire to do something of the same. Homeschoolers here are an odd bunch to say the least - not very friendly at all and stick close to their own cliques and friends.

    It looks like everyone had fun! I haven't slipped on a pair of ice skates since I was a kid, and even then it was a disaster. LOL


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