Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Digging Out

Digging in is not always on option. Sometimes we plain and simple cannot get out of our laneway after a good snowfall through the night. That's when we have to call in the real thing.

The only problem is we cannot be in a hurry to get out in the morning because our skid steer driver has to milk his huge herd of dairy goats first. Some winters he might come by only two or three times. This year he has been in twice already.

The best part is... the big snow hills he builds for the kids. He knows how well they are used because he has five boys of his own who love to sled.


  1. Oh what fun! My boys would be absolutely giddy if we could talk someone into building them some banked turns with a skidder like that!

  2. I don't know how my little guy would react to all the snow, but he would absolutely love the heavy equipment. ~grin~ How wonderful that he comes to clear a path for you!!


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