Sunday, December 14, 2008

Simply Sunday

I finished my last of five weeks of Sunday school yesterday. The interesting thing was, I didn't actually teach all five weeks. One week was cancelled due to rain which was causing leaking throughout the church because of our renovations. The other week was also cancelled because of renovations. There simply weren't enough rooms. Next week I'm babysitting in the nursery. I am going to sneak out during the first part though because I want to see the drama.

Each week throughout advent there is a short drama. So far all soliloquies. Two have been presented by young people -- one representing Mary, one representing Joseph. This morning's presentation was done by an older member of our congregation. She was Elizabeth. I truly appreciate how our church gets members of all ages involved. The lighting of the advent candle has been done each week by children. (Yes, they get to play with fire). Our niece and nephew did it this morning, and our own children did it last week. The worship committee even asked ours to sing. My kids being the unsocialized homeschooling introverts that they are (I say that in complete jest, as they are far from unsocialized or introverted)readily agreed. They like to sing and being in front of a crowd apparently isn't a problem for them. Believe me, they don't get this from their parents.

What started out as a beautiful sunny day on Saturday morning disappeared by the afternoon. We have since had snow and rain. So this afternoon we put on our cozies and stayed indoors. We all played a round or more of a dancing game that Squirt received at the Engineer's company Christmas party yesterday. It's good exercise!! Maybe if I do it for awhile everyday, I'll lose the extra poundage I seem to be putting on of late.

I read, did some school stuff, crocheted, and tried to find my embroidery floss ( no luck) as I have two baby blankets that I need to finish up for friends whose babies are no longer newborns.

Tonight, I am actually going to watch TV! CTV is airing a new Anne of Green Gables movie called Anne of Green Gables A New Beginning. Through a series of flashbacks, it tells of her life before she comes to live with Matthew and Marilla at Green Gables. I'm looking forward to it as I did enjoy the books as well as the earlier movies.

It was a quiet, relaxing, day.


  1. Fun... I love Anne of Green Gables too!

    Now as you can tell I'm not so sure about blog etiquette either! LOL... but because you read your comments before they show up on your blog I don't mind if you just keep this one to yourself because I want to respond to your comment on my blog.

    So yeah, I think there is a book about blogging for dummies, though I've never read it... maybe I should. (smile) I don't think you have to worry that you have ever offended anyone here... definitely not me anyway. The thing I love about you is that you've always got a kind word to say just to let me know you've been by. I think that means a lot to bloggers... at least it does to me anyway!

    Well, that's it... hope it all made sense... !

  2. Lol! Now I am not sure where to respond. On yours or mine! Thank you for the encouragement, Katrina! I love blogging as a sustitute for my journalling. The interaction of readers does somehow make it more inspiring though, plus I love peeking into other busy women's lives and discovering that I am normal.

    Maybe I'll see if the library has the book ;0).

    PS. I didn't know that people would publish comments just to get their numbers up. I never realized it was about numbers...

  3. I know... weird... it's definitely not about numbers for me. I just can't let myself compare myself with others and how many readers they have, etc. It would be way to disheartening and I'd probably quit blogging altogether if that was the case. Ultimately, I just want to be REAL.

    I hope you don't mind me chatting here about all these issues! It does get a little confusing, doesn't it. : )


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