Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nativity Sets

We have three Nativity sets in our home. One is an absolutely don't touch, but the other two I do let the children play with despite the fact that they are breakable. Sometimes I think I should still order the Fisher Price one though.

The "no touchy this set." From Avon. Yes the cosmetic Avon company. Circa the early eighties. I keep thinking I should see if I can find more pieces for it on Ebay.

The Jim Shore, Heartwood Creek set. I love the quilt patterns and the colours!

The Zellers (Your truly Canadian store :oP) Bargain in a box. I bought it two years ago to use in my Sunday school class. Everything remained in one piece so it now resides under the tree.

I am pleased to see that the last two sets are often played with -- unless the figures take on a life of their own when we're not looking ;o). They certainly move around a lot.


  1. The top one from Avon is really neat! I've never seen that one before. We'd love to get the "willow tree" set. Alas, they're so expensive!

  2. Those are precious. I have a "no-toucher" too, and I'm searching for a more despensible one for the kids to be able to handle. Maybe I'll have pictures soon. :)


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