Thursday, December 11, 2008

Feeling Tired (Of Dial Up)

Although being on dial up has been quite reliable, I am getting very tired of the slowness of it. Hopefully soon -- very soon we will be moving at a quicker pace again. I'm afraid I have been a little remiss in stopping by my favorite blogs. Perhaps this weekend, I will have a little larger chunk of time to stop by and visit -- or maybe not. I forget what is happening this weekend. I do know tomorrow is a very special day for us.

Anyways, I have almost completed crocheting my first dishrag. I still need some work on how to keep the one end row straight. I'll have to read through the instructions again.

Off I go now to a cardmaking evening.


  1. Deborah,

    It looks great :0) One of my friends is learning to knit dishcloths. When she makes a mistake she just calls it "extra scrubbing power" ;-)


  2. Lol! That's a great idea! What's even funnier thought is that after I looked at it again,I ripped half of it out. Oh well, live and learn. Next time I'll go with the "extra scrubbing power" motto.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Deborah. I feel honored that you take the time... especially with dial-up!

    I have wanted to learn to crochet for a long time, it's on my goal list, so good for you! I like what's been said about the "extra scrubbing power" ... Hey, why not, eh? LOL

    Have fun card making! : )


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