Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Hot Chocolate Kind of Day

Yesterday, while the wind howled and the snow whipped past our windows, the children and I were cozy and warm inside our home. We had hot chocolate with whipped cream and sampled some Christmas baking. The Engineer braved the cold and went to volunteer at the church and also take pictures of the most recent changes in the renovations and construction.

After a soujourn out in the snow, the children all eventually arrived back into the warmth of the kitchen. The girls then created Christmas ornaments(?) with my abundance of scraps while the boys read.

Calvin and Hobbes is always a hit in this house. Even Squirt who still isn't reading, will look at the pictures and giggle.

It is always nice to have extra children in the house. The messes may be a little larger and the noise a little noisier, but the quiet hum of contented play lasts much longer too. It was a hot chocolate kind of day. Cozy and comfortable.


  1. That sounds a lot more pleasant than our shopping day, but we did get a lot accomplished. Just not any school work...

    Off topic question, remember those cocoa Christmas cards you made? Did you have a template or instructions for those? I would love prepare to make those for a craft at our homeschool Christmas party on Friday.

    You could email me... julie (dot) garrett (at) yahoo (dot) com



  2. I love those kinds of days! We had snow here, too, though the wind wasn't howling. It was beautiful and sunny. That Christmas craft with the scrap material looks really fun... a perfect "girlie" project, eh? : )


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