Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Guest Blogger -- GEMS

I am totally loving being a GEMS counsellor. My SIL and I co-counsel a group of eleven lively grade five girls. Of these eleven girls, one is my niece and one is my daughter. Needless to say between their auntie and their mom, those two don't get away with much :-).

On Monday night we worked on the GEMS fifty year anniversary badge. I assigned the girls the last section for homework. One of the options is to write about GEMS on a blog. Peach would really like to write on my blog, so today I have a special guest blogger.

Peach says:

GEMS is a club for girls. GEMS stands for "Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior. I really like GEMS. We do all sorts of fun stuff at GEMS like singing, playing games, making crafts, doing badges, learning about Jesus, and just having fun. My counselers this year are my mom and aunt. We always do tons of fun stuff. I just love GEMS.
My GEMS badge book

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