Wednesday, November 12, 2008


No, we're not moving, nor is this blog. I simply moved the little girls around again. Beans was in the den and Squirt was in the kitchen at the table. We sort of have a classroom again, so I decided I would move them both downstairs.

Does it seem sorta mean to have both their desks facing the wall? It's not meant to be. It just works for me because it gives me more room in the basement, and they seem less distracted. Also there is no constant pushing around of desks.

I discovered a way to keep the Pergo (not hardwood) floor from being scratched as well as the wall. I use those handy dandy felt pads. They range in size from barely 3/4" to over 2" and can also be found in assorted shapes. I've even found a large assortment of them at the dollar store.

I put one under each leg of their desks and two vertically on the front edge of their desks. Voila! No more marks on the wall. Too bad I didn't think of that when the Clavinova was against that wall.

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