Friday, November 14, 2008

Library Finds

I am always digging through the donation section at the library. It holds the library discards, drop offs from the locals :-), and magazines.

Last night I scored big! (It helps that our neighbour works at the library HQ now). I came home with 37(!!) booklets. Each one is a cultural profile about a different country. Some of the countries are Morocco, Belarus, Greece, Myanmar, Laos, Bulgaria, Nicaragua, Zambia, Switzerland, and the list goes on. Our geography shelf just got bigger. I can't wait to start reading through them with the kids!

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  1. Awesome find! This is one of the things that makes me absolutely giddy beyond belief. We have a countywide library system that consists of about 20 branches or so. Out of the 6 closest to us, only one has a freebie bin (magazines only). It's in the opposite direction of "town" and all our errands, but I try to make a trip there as often as possible.


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