Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wacky Weather

Today is day four of our wacky weather. At any given moment, we can have sushine, or rain, or ice pellets, or all three at the same time. It was wildly windy through the night. Our Silver maples are being forcibly stripped of their pretty leaves as are our Norways, but the Norways need a good hard frost for their leaves to change to their deep gold colour and that hasn't happened yet. I don't like the thought of them stripped bare before I even see their golden colour.

It was a busy day here as, we had French class at 12:30. I'm hoping for a quiet evening though, and hopefully early to bed. I did not sleep well last night. I think I can blame the empty spot next to me as well as the wild weather and an overactive brain.

After French class, I sent the kids outside for a bit. Despite rain pants, winter coats, rubber boots, and even some in hat and mittens, they didn't last long.

"Mom, it's cold out, can we come in?" So in they trooped and amused themselves with warmer indoor pursuits.

Yesterday, there was a nice break in the weather, so we all headed outdoors for a romp in the leaves. Even Snoopy got in on the fun. It was great for all of us to wear off some excess energy.

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  1. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL pictures.

    I think I appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons more each year



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