Thursday, October 2, 2008

Science Experiments

I have been using the Christian Liberty Press science curriculum with the little girls for their first three years of school and I still enjoy it. The books are colourful and engaging.

I also love how they take the creation story and apply science to it. Squirt is working through God's Wonderful Works. Each chapter is based on a day of creation, with further sub chapters explaining things such as, "What is time?, What is Space? What is Matter?" It is very well done.

Of course, the most exciting part is the experiments. Squirt loves these.

Today after learning about minerals, we made our own minerals. In a week or so we should see a good cluster of salt minerals gathered on the string.

We also did an experiment to see how salt water makes things more bouyant. This one did not work either time I have done it, but the children do get the idea.


  1. Hi Deborah,

    We did a similar salt-water buoyancy experiment using an egg. The trick to get it to work was to hyper-saturate the water (add salt to hot water so it dissolves easier and then cool the water.)

    Also, there's a pretty cool crystal experiment using pipe cleaners (the crafty kind!) and - I think - Borax. You can find it on a website called "Enchanted Learning". ("Enchanted" in the sense of "enchanting", not occult.) Look in the "Winter" section, if you're interested.


  2. Sounds great! I will have to check it out. Especially since I actually have Borax in the house.

    I think maybe we'll try the bouyancy experimant again too -- once I get more salt that is!


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