Saturday, October 25, 2008

Home to the Farm

We headed north for the day to day to spend some time with the Engineer's parents and some of his siblings. His parents still live on the farm that they bought many many years ago. Currently the only livestock on the farm is one very sweet, very ugly, white cat with no name. Poor gal!

One of the many sights along the way...

It was a chilly dark day around here and was pretty much the same there, although the sun decided to peek out occasionally. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and did some basic catching up. After lunch, the Engineer's younger brother, his wife, and their three children came over. The children quickly disappeared to the upstairs of the old farm house to play and cause a ruckus. They have great fun together!

The rest of us adults sipped tea and enjoyed chocolate cake. By this point the Engineer's oldest brother had arrived too. The discussion got quite lively as it always does -- especially when it involves politics. Thankfully, there were interruptions by children, etc, and things were kept to a dull roar.

We stayed for supper yet, and then packed up the kiddos and headed for home. We weren't on the road three minutes,before we had a deer cross in front of us. It's not surprising as we drive most of the way through serious deer country. What is surprising is how often we have seen them lately.

It was good to get together with the Engineer's side of the family again. I asked him, why we don't do it more often even though I know why. Life just gets in the way. We have to seriously plan it, or it doesn't happen. We're going to try very hard to get up there again before his parents go away for their winter vacation, otherwise we won't see them again until our Christmas get together in December.

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