Sunday, September 7, 2008


I was determined to learn to crochet this summer. I finally did it!! I brought two learn to crochet books with me on both our camping trips and stitched and ripped over and over until I began to grasp the concepts of the stitches. On the trip home yesterday, I began a pillow cover and made a flower. Neither are perfect, but I am finally able to figure it out. I forgot to mention... I am left handed which makes it a little more difficult for most people to teach me.

I still haven't mastered the granny square...


  1. I love the colors! You have far more patience than me. I would love to crochet (or at least I think I would LOL), but would never be able to sit down with books and teach myself. Bravo to you!!!

  2. Thank you! It was a leftover ball of wool from a sweater I made for Bub when he was a wee one. I was trying to master my knitting skills back then. :-)


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