Saturday, August 23, 2008

Three Weeks of Photos Part I

I think our internet connection is finally behaving, so I will try and post photos from the weekend before our vacation up until today.

The Saturday was the second swim meet of the summer season. Bub did the fly (as well as the other strokes), and Beans and Peach were having fun being silly together while waiting for their next race.

My family got together for a feed of corn on a beautiful Sunday evening. We had fresh corn, salads, and coffee cake for dessert.

Monday afternoon we did a photo shoot and then took the kids down to the river to watch the boats and feel the cooling breezes. I am reminded everytime we go down to the water what a beautiful area we live in.

We left home at about 10:30 am and arrived up north at approximately six pm to a light drizzle that promptly became an incredible downpour.We set up in it and despite our cheap plastic rain ponchos, we were soaked to the skin. The second photo is ridiculously blurry due to my feeble attempt to take a quick shot without soaking the camera. I should have used the kids' as theirs is waterproof. We discovered that we had set up our dining tent in a lake, so the next morning we moved it. We ate supper standing on the dry edge of the dining tent by lantern light. *Sigh!* Camping is so much fun! :-)

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  1. that looked like a big rain ! Camping and rain seem to go hand in hand at times.
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