Saturday, July 26, 2008


The wheat fields in our county are being removed in earnest these days. As soon as the dew has dried in the cool morning air, the drone of tractors and combines can be heard until well after dark.

If you can get past the dust, the smell of cut wheat is heavenly -- at least in my opinion. It is such a warm clean smell. (I am very thankful for allergy pills though)!

Our wheat field across the way, was started last night and completed today. It looks like they will be making bales this year.


  1. That is a process I would enjoy seeing in person. My little guy loves tractors. We can't drive past any construction site without him pointing and yelling "That's my tractor! That's my tractor, too!"

  2. To this day I still love watching them bring in the harvest. There is just something so amazing how these big machines can separate the growing plants from their seeds -- the seeds that we will eat as food all winter.

    Lol! One of my son's first words was "trak-er". He would sit for hours watching the farm machinery go by. At almost twelve, it doesn't hold quite the same appeal any more, although he is still a big John Deere fan.


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