Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our Wild and Crazy Weather!

Although it is summer here, it just hasn't had that truly summery feel that we usually get. It's a combination of things like being too busy, not having gone on vacation yet, and the up and down weather we've been having. We have had an exceptional amount of stormy weather, cooler than average days, and even just generally overcast days.

It is the second time in just shy of a month that funnel clouds were seen forming to the southwest of us. This time the Engineer played the role of storm chaser while I made sure the kids and the dog were safely in the basement.

As they were far away, he really wasn't concerned about making it to the basement safely if they decided to touch down and move forward. I joined him outside for a bit to watch.

You can see smaller funnels forming to the right of the long one.

Directly west of us, the two storm fronts were meeting.

The ultimate power of our Creator God!


  1. That is an eerie and awesome sight all at the same time! I saw a funnel like that dip down from a storm cloud a couple of times. I was sitting on the sofa and could see it out the dining room window. After the initial panic went through me, I was on my way to get ds1 and the dogs and herd them all in the bathroom (no basements here in this area of FL due to the sandy, shifting soil). Thankfully nothing came of it.

  2. Wow! I just jumped over from Sonja at One Step Away to see the pictures. Crazy weather - glad you all were safe and sound!


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