Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fun with Friends

Now that the public schools are out here, we can get together with some of the families that don't have the same flexibilty as homeschooling allows. We got together at one home and shared lunch and snacks. There were eleven kids between the three of us moms, but you never would have known. Poor Bub was as usual seriously outnumbered as he is the oldest and the only boy until the next one at age four. So it was nine girls and two boys between the ages of eleven and three. They play, they argue, they complain, but very little, considering how many different little personalites were there.

The moms sat in the dining room so we could keep an eye on them roaming the property and playing on the swings. Soon enough the kids were all letting us know they were hungry. We had lunch, a half hour wait, and then it was time to swim

While the kids wore themselves out in the pool diving for pool balls, (they were actually pool balls from an old pool table, no kidding) sliding down the slide, and paddling around, we moms sat on the deck keeping a close eye and catching up. The water temperature was only around 75F. No way were we going in! :-) The children didn't care anyway -- they had enough friends around to keep them busy.

At last Bub makes his escape from all the girls!

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