Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Basement

We have progress!! I am so pleased!

It was another crummy morning weather-wise because of the thunderstorms that rolled through again last night. It tried to rain off and on all morning and the sun didn't peak out again until almost three this afternoon.

The Engineer took one look out the window this morning and decided to get to work on the basement. We moved furniture (again) we sweeped and vaccumed (again) and I bleached the floor (again). I bleached the floor to make sure we weren't going to breed any more mold spores when the Engineer started laying the subfloor.

This afternoon, my dad came over to hang the shelves that he has been working on furiously in his workshop at home. While he did that and the Engineer continued to lay flooring, my Mom and I went shopping in a nearby town. The kids were all happily playing games out on the porch. It is nice that they're old enough now that I can leave them and know that they will be fine without constant supervision.

Tonight when we had supper, the basement looked like this. It looks so much warmer and more lived in already. Those shelves are just asking to hold our abundance of tomes!

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