Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Reunion

On Saturday we had our annual family reunion from my mom's side. It is always just a one day event anymore. We used to camp, but the turnout was so poor that they went back to a one day thing.

I always find it a nice day to catch up with the cousins and the aunts and uncles. It is fun to see how much everyone's little ones have grown in the past year -- or ten -- depending on how often they make a point of being there. With some of the cousins, it's a miss more than a hit, but other ones are always quite faithful about coming. These are the ones that you get to know the best. As the years pass, I understand the phrase "blood is thicker than water" more and more. Even though we may not see each other again for another twelve months, that bond of family is still very there. Even though I sometimes grumble about going, it is worth the $100 dollars in gas. Next year, the Engineer suggested that we just have a virtual reunion on Facebook. "It would be a lot cheaper", he says. :-)

After the reunion, we stopped in for a visit with the Engineer's family on the farm. We were "just up the road a piece." When you know you're already spending one hundred dollars in gas, you might as well make it worth your while.

The cattle were all there to greet us as we rolled in, as were the Engineer's youngest brother's children. Little Red was just a beamin' and a chatterin'. Our little niece is become quite vocal these days too. Their older brother and Bub are best of buds even though they're three and a half years apart. DW being the younger of the two.

We had a delicious traditional homecooked meal with fresh lettuce from Mom's garden and fresh strawberries for dessert. I ate waaaay to much (as usual).

After supper the kids played while we all visited. My SIL and I played catch up on what the kids were doing, learning, etc, and teased her hubby. He is so set in his ways, he makes us all laugh.

We arrived home very late, but it was a wonderful day full of family, fun, and food!

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