Monday, May 26, 2008

Whew! What Busyness!

I think we are on top of the tick scourge. I did way more laundry than I had to, just to make sure that they weren't hiding in anything. I checked the kids heads both this morning and evening, as well as their bodies again. (Yuck!! I found one in my hair). I vacuumed where the laundry had laid as well as the entirety of the van. The Engineer brought home flea and tick shampoo, so Snoopy had a bath. She was clearly unimpressed. Once she knew she was done, she dragged me out to the lawn, so she could have a good back rub while the Engineer removed all the straw from Snoopy's dog house, swept it out, and then burned all the straw. Bye bye ticks

I learned far more about ticks than I ever wanted to know. (Whew! Are they creepy looking bugs). One postive thing I learned. These ticks aren't deer ticks. Deer ticks are the ones that carry Lyme disease. These guys are American dog ticks. They too carry a possibly deadly disease, but so far (I think!!) not in this neck of the woods. Snoopy goes in for her heartworm test next Monday, so I will talk more with our veterinarian about tests, vaccines, etc then because I am not sure if dogs in this area are at risk of the disease.

Despite the busyness, I was able to enjoy the wonderful warm weather we had today. Finally I could have short sleeves and bare feet without freezing, and having to put on more clothing again -- *Sigh,* I am so tired of multiple layers. I flung open wide any windows (that haven't been painted shut over the years :o)), as well as the patio door. I could hear the birds singing and feel the breeze blowing while I folded basket after basket of laundry at the dining room table. It was glorious. Give me heat any day!

Because it was so warm, the children were begging me to let them wash the van. I gave them some direction and then let them go to it. They had a great time and I now have a shiny van. Thanks kids! Now if only I could get them to clean their rooms just as willingly!


  1. Oh what fun my kids always had washing the car in the heat!

    Hope you are ticked off now. ;)

  2. Thanks, Patricia!

    I think we got 'em all! :o)


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