Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tick Me Off!

Seriously! I sometimes wonder if my brain has gone on vacation. We hiked the Wetlands again today. (I talk about them in my fourth post, so that was the end of April). Anyways already then, Gramma phoned to warn us to check ourselves for ticks as Grampa had found one on himself. We found one on Squirt.

Duh! We should have known not to hike there again today -- especially with the dog!! I can't even tell you how many ticks we have found on us and on our clothing. I could only find three on the pup as she is so wiggly, and her fur is so thick, but of the three I found on her, one had already latched on. I will have to get her some tick shampoo tomorrow...

The Engineer just takes it all in stride. "No worries," he says. Let me say this, "DO NOT hike in marshy, forested, grassy areas!!" I guess that pretty much limits us -- especially with a dog. I think we'll just stick to the beach.

I have lots of photos I was going to download, but for today, I think I will just skip them. I'm just a little stressed. I seriously hope none of us end up with Lyme disease and that includes Snoopy. I'll be watching for symptoms. No wonder I get migranes!! :-)

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  1. Ticks are awful! We are having a problem with fleas right now on our dog every time he goes out. We've had a battle like this once before and if I recall correctly it was also at a time when we were in a drought. He's in for a shampoo today using Dr. Bronner's eucalyptus castile soap. It seems to take care of the fleas. We do use Fronline Topspot on a monthly basis for fleas and ticks, but I think after years of using it some of the effectiveness wears off.

    I wish we could take our dog to the beach. It's against the law here and the fines are stiff (although some people go ahead and take their dogs anyway - it would be our luck we'd be the ones to get caught!).


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