Saturday, April 26, 2008


Saturdays are typically very spontaneous around here in the sense that we never know from one week to the next what we will be doing. Therefore today was a typical Saturday. Sleep in late -- if you call 7:30 late. On a good day I will make something special like scones, coffee cake, or these pecan sticky buns:

More often though, it is cold cereal. The kids often have a sugary cereal as Saturday is the only morning they are allowed.

Once breakfast has been eaten and the table has been cleared, various family members depart to do their on thing. Only real rule is they must be dressed before lunch. The girls usually end up playing with their stuffed animals, or colouring. The boy on the other hand "eat, sleep, and breathes" to get his half hour on the computer.

Lately the Engineer disappears to work on the basement, while I'm left to cook or clean -- or better yet, sometimes sew, paint, bake, or just spend some time with the kids. I like Saturdays because they're a different pace from the rest of the week. If the dishes sit on the counter all day it doesn't matter. If the books pile up on the ottoman, it just means we all got a good read in. Besides, on Sunday, we'll do even more reading and on Monday we'll get caught up again on tidying up.

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