Friday, April 25, 2008


The saying,"April showers become May flowers" really has not come into fruition around here this spring. We have had very little rain this month and lots of mild sunny days instead. It has been wonderful. The farmers have been able to get on the fields and many have planted their beans and corn already. The Engineer rototilled my garden for me last night, so hopefully I will be able to put in a row or two of lettuce and spinach really soon.

It rained this morning. It was beautiful! I love dark rainy mornings. The children tend to sleep in, and the sound of the rain hitting our home is so soothing. This morning was no exception. I was drawn to get up early however, and was able to savour the lush green of the grass and exclaim over how big the tulips have become in just one week. I ventured onto our wrap around porch and took a few pictures of the wet weather. Good thing I did too because by 10:00 am, the sky was clearing and we ended up with another beautiful warm sunny day! Spring may have arrived late this year, but we have been truly blessed by its presence ever since!

Below you can see our greening trees and wet laneway! Yay! Also a clump of thirsty tulips.

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