Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Monday

It's Monday already again! I can't believe how quickly the weekend flies by. I guess because it's barely half the length of the week days. :-) Albeit, they fly by very quickly too. Today is piano lesson day. We are very blessed to have our piano teacher come to us. Instead of running out and trying to keep Squirt occupied, while her older siblings learn their new lessons, she can occupy herself (which she does very well) and I can do things like get supper started, make a special dessert, or get the last load or two of laundry finished.

Squirt continues to prove to be our biggest trial in regards to raising these precious gifts God has blessed us with. She is smart, focused (when it interests her), and very precocious. Oh yes, did I mention strong-willed? Schooling her is becoming difficult again. I really pushed her today and thankfully she got her work done with minimal arguement. I'm getting the impression from her that I might have to listen more closely to her cues and let her work mostly on what interests her. Currently that is Playdough. She knows how to read, but just isn't interested. Who needs to read when you have three older siblings who will happily read to you. It's a matter of being a little spoiled sometimes, I think.

Here she is busy at her newest favorite past time:

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