Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dressing Up

I have girly girls. However, they are also country girls. My definition: they are girls who love to be outdoors doing things, and when they play, they play hard which means they are hard on their clothes. They also all love to wear dresses (or skirts) even while playing hard outdoors. This can be a bit of a problem. (See illustration below.)

And yes, even my teenagers will still do this. I say it's because they have so much joie de vivre. I know they know better, but when you live in the country, don't have nearby neighbours, and dogs who will warn of impending visitors, you just don't care!

Great for everyday! Image: She In

This spring, over half of my girls will need new dresses. Dress shopping is a bit of a nightmare. Oh, not because dresses (or skirts) are hard to find, but appropriate dresses (and skirts) are hard to find. Peach is 5'10". Short dresses and skirts are exactly that on her. Very short! The other girls have similar issues. They are all at an age where they want to look feminine, but still be able to do things in their feminine attire. Their mother (aka. me!) draws the line at strappy dresses. Yes they all have strappy dresses and wear them -- with a shrug or sweater! No naked shoulders -- especially in church! (Some Momma legalism here.)

Also great for everyday and to go into the city too! Image: ModCloth

We have a Maurices not too far away and they have great sales! Fortunately they also have very cute dresses and usually appropriate dresses too! I think for the two oldest girls, almost all their dresses are now from Maurices. If not, then they are from one of our local thrift stores. (We often find great things!)

All my girls love lace! This one is for dressy occasions and well, church too! They still like to dress up for church even though our church is pretty casual. Image: ModCloth

For the four youngest girls, we still have great success finding their dresses at the thrift stores or handing them down. It's starting to get more difficult for Squirt and Bella though as they're in that tween stage. I'll have to pull out the boxes soon and see what fits them yet. I have suspicion though that there isn't going to be much. Never mind that some of these dresses I have now been seeing for ten years and I am getting tired of seeing them!!

Super cute and functional!! Image: Shabby Apple

I am beginning to think that shopping online might be a good option. I found a few sights that have a huge choice of seriously cute and decently modest dresses! Modcloth is one that the girls and I all love! Now I just have to get brave enough to make an order.

Have any of you ever ordered online? What has your experience been?


  1. Shopping online is tricky! I only buy items I've had before, that I saw/tried on in the store, or really really want to get and have the time to wait. I made the mistake of buying a prom dress online, but thankfully ordered it a month or two ahead of time where I could return it and find a different one in store.

    I love that your girls like to wear dresses! I'm very much the same way, despite my more tom-boyish, soccer playing sister. I love the options that you have pictured here and my mom and I shop at Maurices too! Except their full priced items are not my forte - I'd much rather shop the clearance rack.

    Good luck!

    1. We LOVE Maurices clearance racks too!! Very rarely will the girls buy something full price.


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