Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Some Shoots {Photographs of My Loves}

We did very little shooting this summer. Truthfully, I was thankful. I had enough going on without photo deadlines. I did take some time to do a few shoots of some of my favourite muses though.

Taken up at the cottage this summer.

In the back forty.

On a chilly day in early December. The golden hour! In the back forty.

Some studio work. For their work portfolios.

Finally, one just for laughs!

A photo of my girls being silly at a concert that I made into a meme. :o)


  1. LOVE! Your family looks so fun - I feel my sister & your oldest girls would get along very well! ;)


  2. beautiful photos, especially love the golden hour ones!!!!

    1. Even though I haven't met your family, Deborah, it sure looks like you do a great job of capturing each individual's personality in your pictures!


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