Monday, January 4, 2016


We've been doing battle for over a year now with re-mortgaging our home. It hasn't been fun. Last year we failed to get a new mortgage because we went to one of those big banks where everything is done out of Toronto and it's all predone on paper. There's no taking into account the work that has been done on the home, the updates it's had, or the curb appeal that is apparent or non-existent -- depending on the home. It's some random (I'm sure mathematically well thought out) pre-set price, no matter what the real estate value of your home might be. Compared to market value, our home was severely low-balled last year. No assessor even came to look at it.

This year we applied with a different bank. I call it your-average-human-being's- bank. No fancy store front. No pile of tellers -- or employees of any sort for that matter. Just one friendly knowledgeable person. In talking to her, we discovered that they look at the actual market value of your home and base the mortgage on this. Today was appraisal day.

The house was as clean and tidy as I could get it with seven children and two dogs underfoot and a weekend just completed. (Just don't look in my storage room. ;o)) The Engineer stayed home to answer any questions the appraiser might have, and I took the dogs for a long chilly walk (-9C and more with the wind chill). The dogs are such social geeks (aka they act really crazy) it's just a whole lot better if they're not around when business-like people are here. After getting reading for this event, I concluded that there is absolutely no way I am moving until we are empty nesters. What a LOT of work!

All in all though, I was pleased with how things looked when I walked out the door with the dogs. After we returned home and before the dogs and/or kids had a chance to mess things up again, I walked around and took some photographs.

 Our craftroom/classroom

This room gets beautiful afternoon sunshine. Although, truth be told I would rather be in this room in the afternoon simply creating and not supervising school work.

This is where I do all my photo editing and planning. The walls are mostly bare because I am supposed to have photo sessions on the walls. I have a good idea of how it will look, but it's just putting it together. It will take time -- and money of course.

 Reading/Games/Play Area

The lights down here are a constant issue. Always burning out. We hope to replace them with the same kind as we have upstairs. They seem to last forever. Yes, we have waaaay too many books! :o)

 Great Room

Also a reading area and conversation room. This is where we host company -- on the rare occasion we have people over.


I am in love with my kitchen. My mom finds it too big, but I don't notice. I still have empty drawers in here, and much to my family's frustration, still like to move things around. I'm thinking of doing some rearranging again this week. :o)

Our home is on the large side -- sometimes too large for my liking, but it does work for us. It is especially wonderful when all the children are home and a multitude of various activities are going on. Everyone has their space to function.

How about you? What is the favourite part of your home?

Edited to add: Once again we didn't qualify. I don't know or understand why. Mathematics -- especially of this sort, has always eluded me.


  1. I love your home! Oh, the thought of having empty drawers to use... bliss! Of course, I know it's not always that perfectly tidy because NINE PEOPLE! But the joy of all the life that's lived there is what makes it so beautiful.
    Sorry about the mortgage. That makes no sense to me either.

    1. COZY! Every picture is so cozy and looks like a place where a family of nine would be sure to find a hug, a good meal, a riveting book, and a place to belong. Hang in there, Deborah. You guys are being good stewards with the resources God is giving you!


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