Monday, July 6, 2015

Canada Day Fun {and Some Vacation}!

Canada Day is a great way to officially kick off the summer. This year it was right in the middle of the week. Not ideal for those who only have that day as their holiday, but this year, for the Engineer, it was the start of a week and a half of holidays! The stay home and work around the house kind of holidays, but we're good with that. There is a never ending pile of work to be done around the house both indoors and out. I'm pretty sure that there will still be lots to do even after he heads back to work again in a week and a half.

For now, just a few pics from Canada Day.

Happy Canada and Independence Day to our friends across the border!


  1. Fun! I bet your son was sad to miss all that family fun!

  2. I love that even the dogs got into the patriotic spirit!

  3. Wow! Your kids are so big! Great to see you posting!


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