Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Holidays Have Begun!

Another year of school has flown by -- although I thought the last week of school was never going to end! It was a week of various appointments all between 11 am and 1 pm designed to completely disrupt my day ;o). (Although I know they weren't, it kind of felt like it. It's my own fault though! I'm the one that made the appointments.) I did what I could to get things done around these appointments and just ignored the rest of the mess. The amazing thing this year is that the schoolwork trickled in over a number of days as opposed to all in one day. I was able to stand with our garbage/recycle drawer in the island open and file accordingly. I do believe that this is the first year ever that all the school papers are gone within less than 24 hours after the last school bell rang.

Part of the reason for ensuring that there were no extra papers floating around is that the three youngest will be doing school on Monday. (No rest for the weary!) They are still academically (never mind socially) quite a ways behind their peers. We've backtracked them a bit and are having them work on math and all things English reading, writing and comprehension related. Hopefully by September they will at the very least be where they left off at school if not further than when they finished the school year in June.

So to celebrate summertime, we had a wiener roast on Friday night. Complete with a marshmallow overdose for dessert!

They don't look overly thrilled in this photo (taken with my phone), but believe me, hotdogs and marshmallows are a summer highlight!

Although I am sure the four youngest are hoping for lots of excitement, I am hoping for some quiet days, and long quiet evenings. A mom CAN hope can't she!?

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  1. Hurray for summer break! And good luck with your Monday school :D


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