Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pinteresting {Day 1}

I need to get motivated to start blogging more regularly again. With all the children in school every day I seem to be lacking writing material, so I thought I would try this idea. I of course, found the idea itself on Pinterest. The author did a daily post of something she pinned on Pinterest in that she used an idea, she found and then recapped how it worked (or didn't) for her. I thought it was a very pinteresting idea ;o) and concluded that it just might get me blogging again. I'm not making any promises at this point, but here goes day one.

Sweet L, a friend of two of our daughters had birthday recently. She loves owls and after scouring the stores and finding nothing I liked, I decided to make her a present.

The idea came from Gingercake. They're adorable! I do believe mine turned out well also! :o)


  1. That came out wonderfully! The owl-y lining is a nice touch. :-)

  2. That is ADORABLE! Glad to see you back :D

  3. That is SO CUTE!!!! I want one :)


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