Monday, November 17, 2014

Work Day

It's mid November already! I cannot get over how quickly the weeks fly by. We finally had our first killing frost this week, so between that and the fact that mid November can easily bring snow, it was time for a family work day. You know the saying, "many hands make light work", well it's certainly true for leaf raking -- provided of course the perfectionist mother (yes, that would be me) can overlook how well the leaves are raked.

The first several years we lived out here, all our trees were small enough that a good autumn gale was all we needed to get our yard clean. These days all are trees are HUGE. No amount of wind seems to send them very far, so rake we must.

 The job to be tackled -- and this is just the back yard. The side yard is about the same.

 Love that partially toothless grin. Daddy just threw her in the leaf pile.

 So fun!!!

 Hiding Leo's beloved ball in the pile.

 Where is it, Leo?

 Sniff, sniff, sniff!

 He found it!!

 Using Peanut as a weight to hold the leaves in the wheelbarrow. She had the best job of the day!

Part of the side yard. Love the golden carpet!

 While the Engineer and the girls worked on the yard, I swept the garage, put the remaining outdoor furniture away, and winter prepped several other things. 

All clean and ready for snow, salt, and sand covered winter driven vehicles.

At one point we came in to warm up with hot chocolate and fall sugar cookies. Then it was back to work!

As it turns out, we finished in the nick of time because this is what we woke up to this morning.

How about you? Have you seen snow yet -- if you live in a snowy part of the world?



  1. That is a LOT of leaves! Good thing you have so many kids ;D I love it when we all work together - makes the work so much more fun. (Well done on your garage, too!)
    And snow! We're quite jealous. It's cold here, but no precipitation.
    Stay warm! Julie

  2. Yes, we've had it and it's VERY cold! Boo! Oh well, I do love winter overall. We'll get used to the cold, right? Your backyard looks awesome and those workers are darling! God be with you, friend!

  3. You have a beautiful yard and wow, you did a great job on the garage! Yes, we've seen almost 2 feet of snow already and it came in the first week of November. No fun to drive in, but it looks oh so pretty! Stay warm :)


  4. Oh my! We are still trying to tackle our leaves. We don't have a large yard, but we have two massive sycamores--even the smallest leaves are as big as my hands! Thankfully we probably won't get a large snow for a month or so, but we did have snow flurries last week (not normal for Delaware!)

  5. Having all that help makes raking leaves look like fun. I love that even the dogs get to enjoy this family activity. I did comment earlier, but that seems to have disappeared again.

    1. Well, this one worked! Glad it did! :o) Hopefully you'll have no more problems with it now.

  6. I would like to email you. I have some questions about your schooling choices? Is there a place on your blog that shows your email?

    1. Hi Kim. You can reach me at lavenderacres[at]xcelco[dot]on[dot]ca. There is a tab at the top of my blog too, but it actually might be out of date. I should probably check that!

  7. That's awesome! We just got our first snow today--before we'd had a chance to finish raking!! whoops!

  8. I was "here" last week, but ended up not commenting... Anyways, I wanted to say the fall coours were so beautiful this year!!

    Our trees are still small and with the winds we experience here at times, the leaves are soon blown away. Living out in the middle of a the "prairie", actually a hayfield, it sure doesn't take much wind to blow things away! LOL

    great picture of your family and how they have grown!!


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