Friday, October 24, 2014

A Cottage Week

My brother works for a wonderful couple who own cottages up in northern Ontario. He was able to rent three for our families during the second last week of August. It was nothing short of wonderful! What a beautiful spot! Our cottages were clean and cozy. There was water everywhere and still plenty to drink too. ;o) (It was purified.)

Our cottage was AMAZING in the morning! Two big windows on the east side allowed the sunlight to stream in! I couldn't resist getting up early most days and sitting on the dock with a book and a cup of coffee. I would often just gaze across the water and watch the mist lift.

The kids spent the brunt of the week boating and swimming or playing in the sand (the two youngest) along the man made beach. We all did some bridge jumping -- even Grampa! We ate when we were hungry, napped when we were tired. One day we hiked into town and bought fresh fruit at the farmer's market. Another day, we went geocaching. On the last day, we stopped at the bakery on our way out to buy some breakfast. Good thing we didn't know how good the stuff is at that bakery, or we would have lived on baked goods alone the entire week. Diviiiine!!

It was a wonderful week of relaxation!



  1. Oh feel the heat! My boys have just disappeared outside in woolly hats and cosy tops. Might just nip back and look at some of our summer sun!

  2. Love that beautiful, clear water! Sign me up next time ;D



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