Friday, September 12, 2014

And We Have an Eighteen Year Old

I really don't know how it is possible that we have a child that is eighteen years old, but we do. I'm pretty sure the Engineer and I are barely thirty. ;o)

From the day he was born, this boy loved his food and still does. One of the reasons he chose the residence he is in at university it that they have chocolate milk on tap. At last chat however, he has still to have had any because it's so popular that once the allotted gallons are gone for the day, they are gone.

Considering this was Bub's first time away from home for his birthday, it sounds as though he had a good day. I has brought him birthday cupcakes when we were up the Sunday before and he stored them in their little fridge for when he had a few friends back to his room on Friday evening. He said they got two thumbs up from everyone. :o)

It's amazing to think he is off beginning his years of independence now. I posted this on his wall on Facebook the other day. It sums up our feelings about this whole having a university student who is now eighteen.

"For by grace you have been saved through faith. We've raised you with a Christian world view. We have not taught you to stick your head in the sand and avoid real world issues. We are proud of you! Go out and enjoy the real world, but be wise. Use that Christian wisdom that God has given you, and when in doubt, seek HIM!"

Then on his birthday, he posts this on his wall.

"I'm an adult now!"

Oh yeah, he's all growed up. We're very thankful for the friends he has and his version of being an adult.


  1. You have raised a fine young man. The engineer must really mis having the other male presence in the house.

  2. Oh Deborah, I love everything about this post! Julie


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