Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Gezelig is a Dutch word (that I hope I spelled correctly) that means comfortable, cozy, and/or warm. It's basically a word describing that warm fuzzy feeling you get when surrounded by your family and favorite things on a crisp winter night. At least that's how I perceive it anyway.

While at home with my little sick chick on Sunday morning, I decided to rearrange my living room. (It is about the only room in our house that lends itself to rearranging regularly. Most of the rest of the rooms are too small to do anything with them. I decided to have a little fun with it and create two sitting areas. Since we rarely to never have adult company over these days, I put the couch and love seat back to back. Now we can curl up in front of the fire with a hot coca and a book, or sit with several of us and chat amongst each other.

This room has become the most popular room in our home. Hours and hours are spent in here reading, studying, chatting, laughing, playing games, doing puzzles, and enjoying life as a big, busy family. The poor furniture is beginning to show that love. All of it is very dirty (I'm going to rent a cleaner one of these days), and the couch and loveseat are beginning to unravel on the cushions in the center as that's where everyone seems to park their behinds. Also there is a little doggie that feels he must be with his people and loves to park his furry little body on the furniture also. The one chair is covered and the only one he is supposed to go on, but of course we, and he all disobey that rule and allow him to sprawl across our laps.

I've been starting to look on Kijiji (the Canadian version of Craigslist) for a new to us set. I am thinking leather? I'm not sure though. What would better withstand the wear and tear of a big busy family and a little dog? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



  1. Your room looks WONDERFULLY cozy :D

    New furniture... leather is definitely easier to clean (wipe it off!) but I'd wonder about the dog's claws - would he snag/tear it?

    I bought a couch from craigslist - probably fake leather. I was leery of buying anything (furniture) fabric, due to the potential for fleas or bedbugs. Maybe not an issue where you are.


  2. I love your beautiful account of gezelig. What you describe is a definition of the word for me too.
    As I read about the condition of your living room furniture I smiled. Just this morning my husband told me the cat was ruining every bit of our furniture with his clawing. He suggested putting some sort of skirts around them...All I could think of was the "Big Fat Greek Wedding" plastic coverings on the furniture. Hideous! I would much rather live in a room with its furniture amd appreciate the living that goes on there...period.

  3. Your living room looks so cozy!!!

    I don't care for leather very much, but my husband likes it so that is what we have. It always feels cold to me.

    That said it has held up pretty good with our 7 plus two cats. Our dog is not allowed in the living room. ;)

  4. I love to rearrange rooms & furniture too :) Drives my other half nuts!! I would LOVE to get a new-to-us living room set and would love leather as well….heard the same thing, though, about pet claws scratching it. Blessings!!! Emily

  5. My favorite part of being a mom is creating a cozy, comfy atmosphere! You are doing a great job :-)

  6. Thank you everyone for your encouragement and thoughts. I've been toying with slipcovers lately. Still unsure. Oh well!

  7. I love all the windows in this room and the light must really be wonderful during the day. Most of my furniture is 2nd hand (or more). I am looking for a rug now. I feel like I need some sort of rug lesson to show me what looks good with my furniture. All those colors, patters and what not. I don't want it clashing. It makes me wish I had leather furniture because then a rug purchase would be so much easier. (What doesn't look good with leather???) It is turning out to be more complicated than I think it should be.


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